* The Story of Dixie Queen Restaurants *

In the 1940s,

after World War ll, there were millions of people returning to industries, businesses and professions to participate in the “rekindling” of business and industry.

It was a time of new beginnings and new development, new opportunities and new trends. Regelo Raffanti recognized the increased need for convenient fast food facilities to serve those masses of people.

In 1949, Dixie Queen was opened in Memphis, Tennessee. Regelo served his unique ice cream, newly created burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches.

Regelo’s innovative food products not only were a big success, but the public soon were telling others about Dixie Queen’s great taste and variety – so good that kids and teens, as well as mom and dads were frequenting the Dixie Queen location.

Regelo Raffanti, Founder, Dixie Queen

Growth came natural for Dixie Queen – the public demanded the great varieties of Dixie Queen food.

Regelo’s son, John Raffanti, was active in the continuing development of Dixie Queen, as was David, John’s son who later added additional new ideas and creative development to make Dixie Queen grow to multiple locations and even greater success.