The public is now demanding to have Dixie Queen in all areas of the world. Franchising, with its proven growth and stability, is the chosen method of expansion.

Yes, Dixie Queen is a proven winner, and a bright future for many who missed “Ronald,” “Colonel Sanders,” or “Wendy’s.” There are available locations for you to select from in most areas.

“We’re looking for those who missed other great opportunities, but don’t want to miss this one,” says David Raffanti, grandson of Dixie Queen founder, Regelo Raffanti.

Our Dixie Queen locations are successful and we have proven methods for 50+ years.

Come grow with us!

Franchise Candidate Qualifications

Restaurant Experience
Preferred experience but not required

We offer a ten year term

Franchise Fees/Royalties
• Franchise Fee: $35,000
• Royalty: $450 weekly
• Advertising Fee: $150.00 weekly

Financial Qualifications
Minimum of $100,000 is required for the start-up cost

Franchise Selection Process

Our Dixie Queen Franchise Selection Process is thorough and intended to ensure that we select the most qualified candidates and that we are providing you all the appropriate information to ensure the Dixie Queen Franchise opportunity is the right one for you. Please contact us at or if you need any help during this process.

STEP 1 Complete and submit the Online Information Request
Once you submit the Online Request form, a member of our Franchising Team will contact you to discuss your interest, answer your initial questions and lay the foundation to get started. We will also provide you with more detailed information about the system, costs and benefits. After initial conversations, you will receive an application form which provides us with more detailed information about you and any partners that you may have.

STEP 2 One on One Discussion
Once we receive your completed application for a franchise, you will be contacted for an in-depth telephone interview about the Dixie Queen franchising opportunity. Following completion of this one-on-one discussion, you may be asked to complete additional forms or provide additional documentation, so that we can continue your process in a timely manner.

STEP 3 Once we have learned a great deal more about one another, we will invite you to our Corporate Office for a personal interview and meet-and-greet. This will be great opportunity for you to learn even more about the Dixie Queen system and meet our Corporate personal.

STEP 4 Development Committee Approval
After you have received all of the information you need to make a solid business decision and we receive all of the information we need from you in our franchise qualification process, your request to own a franchise will be reviewed for approval by our Franchise Review Board. Upon approval, you will be ready to sign your Franchise or Development Agreement and get started on your new endeavor!

The entire process, from our first conversation to the awarding and document execution of the franchise should take approximately 90 days.

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